We want to be an open church that welcomes all people - throughout life

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Our church is centrally located in town and is a bustling meeting place for people of all ages with different backgrounds. Various activities keep the church warm throughout the week, with the final on Sunday. We have activities for children, youth, young adults/ students, middle aged and seniors. Read more about them in the Activities menu.

Every Sunday we celebrate worship in Lorensberg Church, a gathering where everyone is welcome, whether you believe, doubt or have questions. With singing, music, prayer and preaching people from all generations meet to celebrate. We interpret each service into English and our church also has members who can interpret into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Swahili.

Our cafe - Cafe Lorens - is open wednesdays 11-15. We serve affordable homemade cakes and lunch sandwiches. Welcome to study, surf with our free WiFi or just hang out with friends in a calm environment.

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